Our Story

Who we are….

Welcome to The Wooly Jackalope!  We are a family-owned business located in Newnan, GA, about 30 miles south of Atlanta.

Here at The Wooly Jackalope we strive to bring you exceptional yarns and products, and exceptional service, serving crocheters, knitters, and fiber enthusiasts alike.

We want to create a community within our community for the good of the community.  We will be implementing opportunities to stitch for the benefit of others in our community.  These opportunities will include crochet and knitting programs to benefit those around us.  Examples will include "Knitted Knockers", Hats for the Homeless, and wash cloths for local shelters.

We look forward to serving our guests each and every day, and hope you will visit our shop very soon!!




Welcome to our company

Anyone can sell yarn. HOW this is done is what uniquely separates The Wooly Jackalope Yarn and Fiber Co. Filling the needs of our customers through unmatched service, quality, environment, and knowledge. We take this statement very seriously and commit to it on a daily basis.

Making a difference, one skein at a time.


What is a Jackalope?

Ah, yes….very good question. The tale of the Jackalope has deep roots, with connections to the Old West and mountain country, across this beautiful land to the eastern hills and forests. The name refers to a rabbit-like animal with antlers:

“Jack” from jackrabbit, hare

“alope” from the antler feature, characteristic of the antelope

For additional details on the species, a reference guide is available for purchase in-store or online.

Legend? Myth? Real? We’ll leave that up to you to decide….